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These days performers often need to have more than one skill in order to have some form of communication with both musical and non musical producers and writers, and to impress in terms of versatility and bankability.

To this end I can also coach in keyboards and self accompaniment, song writing guidance which includes understanding construction, melody manipulation and basic keyboard programming, all with an emphasis on how each will discipline will affect the other. I can give you recording experience and tips on how to survive PAís. With commitment I can produce a well rounded performer able to adapt to all the psychological and technological challenges a modern artist faces

As you can see from my CV, Iíve been involved in most of the disciplines required to become an all round artist: Iíve had publishing deals, recording contracts, written theme tunes for TV programmes, and had songs covered by other artists, though nothing that took the world by storm unfortunately!

Among my past and present pupils are solo and group artistes currently signed and recording, models and a lawyer who have recorded singles, and Iíve coached non singing actresses for singing film roles. Still others have won stage roles based on one to one coaching.

The same techniques can be applied to public speaking as well as singing and I have also trained a sports teacher, choreographer and a poet to improve their teaching and performing skills.

My partner and I have run a number of recording facilities over the last 15 years and seen many potential artists, and artists with potential, and itís been interesting to see whoís succeeded and who hasnít (yet!)

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