You Can Do It!

You have to be the driving force behind your own voice.

You canít be in control of the car if youíre only the passenger.

When you get behind the wheel of a car for the first time, most of us are terrified. How are we ever going to manage this mess of hand, feet and eye co-ordination? Yet we persevere because we know almost anyone can drive a car safely and one day we pass the test.

At this point do you then sit in the car and say to it ďDrive me?Ē Of course you donít, itís just that all the things that were so confusing and difficult have become second nature. We donít stop doing them, weíve just stopped actively thinking about how we do it 90% of the time.

In the case of singing, positioning, co-ordination, listening, balance, and forethought are all required. I know itís hard to change the habits of a lifetime because we use our bodies every waking minute. The downside of the voice is that you canít get your hands on it like you can with a guitar or keyboard.

The upside is that you carry your instrument with you wherever you go.

If you want to change your voice you have to change yourself as much as you would if taking up a new sport or learning any new skill. I can give you the tool box for a better vocal performance, you, however have to learn which tool works for which job and how to hit the nail.

You donít need to find time. If you really love singing you will do it all day every day: you wonít be able to stop! The difference is you add thought to your singing, you add listening and hearing to it, you have to think about what youíre doing so it becomes automatic.

 Then you can stop thinking and start feeling.

Iíve tutored pupils with all levels of experience from experienced professionals to complete novices in all vocal styles from folk to jazz to punk to ríníb and soul, often cross pollinating styles to suit the demands of an increasingly multi musical society. The tenets of voice protection, projection, production and control are the same no matter what vocal style you aspire to

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